Odd Apes Gang is a limited NFT collection where the token proves your membership to an underground club of apes. Owning an Odd Ape grants you lifelong access to an exclusivist community. When you purchase an Odd Ape, you become a member of a club whose advantages and services will grow over time. Your Odd Ape acts as your digital identity and opens opportunities in the internet world.

Being a PFP project, first advantage is the ownership of amazing artwork but there is also access to member-exclusive events (in both Web3 world and real life), merch, future airdrops, 3D collection, collectibles toys and holders reward system.

Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through ROADMAP ACTIVATIONS.

APE IN with us!



Roadmap activations

10% -> We made it! Our moms are already proud! You already have the coolest PFP project in your wallet. Time to get waisted and do some graffiti! There will be a raffle with the first 334 IDs. Ghosty will do a graffiti with the winning ID Odd Ape. We will discuss with the owner and choose a place where to do it. Of course, we’ll shoot it and turn it into a memorable video experience for you

20% -> We release the first 5 LEGENDARY APES. 5 tokens out of a total of 15 LEGENDARY APES that were held back from sale will be airdropped to 5 random Odd Apes Gang NFT holders. We’ll also give away two prizes of 10 $EGLD each for two NFT owners. (First 667 IDs)

30% -> The break is over now! Back to what we do best! We will start building the second collection that will be minted for FREE by the Odd Apes Gang NFT holders. We are thinking of an Evolved 3D Odd Apes Collection.

40% -> 5 more LEGENDARY APES will join the GANG! Again, airdropped to random Odd Apes Gang NFT holders. Also, 2 more $EGLD prizes! This time 1 x 20 $EGLD and 1 x 10 $EGLD for 2 random NFT owners. (First 1334 IDs)

50% -> Odd Apes Gang Comics. Requirements for receiving Comic strips will be announced later.

60% -> Giveback to the awesome community! There will be 4 raffles for $EGLD prizes. 2 x 20 $EGLD and 2 x 10 $EGLD for 4 random NFT owners. (First 2001 IDs)

70% -> Odd Apes Gang MERCH featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies and other goodies. Odd Apes collectible toys won’t miss from the store. Odd Apes Gang holders will have exclusive lifetime -30% discounts in the shop.

80% -> 3 more $EGLD prizes raffle. 1 x 50 $EGLD, 1 x 20 $EGLD and 1 x 10 $EGLD for 3 random NFT owners.

90% -> Odd Apes Gang community farm is initiated. Odd Apes Gang owners will vote to either stake in 🔥 Metabonding 🔥 and connect to other projects from Elrond community or create a MEX farm to reward holders.

100% -> Insane! The club is closed now. We will come up with new ways to have fun with you, Apes holders. This is just the start! Welcome to the Odd Apes Gang! Until then, the most generous community appreciation giveback EVER was prepared! 4 $EGLD prizes. 1 x 50 $EGLD, 1 x 20 $EGLD, 2 x 10 $EGLD for 4 random NFT owners. The last 5 x LEGENDARY APES will be airdropped to 5 random Odd Apes Gang NFT holders.


An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a fancy term for an unique digital item whose ownership is proven and managed by a blockchain.

Our collection is based on the one and only Elrond ⚡ BlockChain ($EGLD).

Odd Apes Gang is a collection of 3335 PFP NFTs hand-drawn by our artist, Ghosty. Apes are randomly generated and constructed from over 150 different accessories. Each Odd Ape is unique and it can be minted as an NFT on the ELROND blockchain. All Odd Apes are dope, but some are rarer than others.

You have to either enter our OG presale (by obtaining the OG APE role in discord) or public sale on the official mint site that will be announced closer to the mint date.

We value most our OG APES. Presale will be opened 24 hours for OG APES only. They can purchase a maximum number of 5 ODD APES NFTs / wallet. After 24h, the rest of the supply is made available for everyone in a public sale. To ensure a fair distribution, the maximum supply per wallet will be limited at 15 ODD APES. This means that OG APES who have already purchased 5 ODD APES during the pre-sale, can buy 10 more during the public sale.

0.5 $EGLD for OG APES during PRE SALE

0.8 $EGLD for everyone during PUBLIC SALE

Absolutely, purchasers get full title as well as all the rights and interests without restriction. You will be the sole owner of the NFT.

Yes, we are planning to create 15 x unique LEGENDARY APES for the collection. LEGENDARY APES are held back from sale in a wallet and will be airdropped to random Odd Apes Gang NFT holders once the ROADMAP ACTIVATIONS are fulfilled.

Team Members

A little bit of introduction to ourselves:

We are 4 friends (not in a boat, haha) staying up all night and  exploring ways to combine art, graffiti, underground music and community in order to create a product that comprises all these passions of ours. We like to think about ourselves as ambitious about building a new type of digital experience on ELROND Blockchain.

If you don’t get hyped about our stuff or simply is not your cup of tea, please refrain from  hateful  speech and  choose other means of entertaining.

Thank you and  let’s have some fun, shall we?