1. Disclaimer

The information in this document may change or update depending on the precious feedback we got
from our community or based on the opportunities that might appear for our project in the future.

2. Introduction

Odd Apes Gang is a project that will offer its members a myriad of benefits. Being a PFP project, first of all, is the ownership of amazing artwork but there is also access to member-exclusive events (in both Web3 world and real life), merch, future airdrops and holders reward system.

We aim to connect both digital and physical art through artistic collaborations (product labels), paintings, graffiti, maybe action figures.

Owning an Odd Ape grants you lifelong access to an exclusivist community. If youโ€™re intrigued, then keep on reading to find out the comprehensive details of our project.

Official links:
Website : https://www.oddapesgang.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OddApesGang
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/oddapesgang/
Discord : discord.gg/oddapesgang

3. Strategy & Key Features

  • Downloadable content (good resolution images + future short comics, 3D collection)
  • Full ownership of your NFTs (Ownership includes full commercial and creative rights to Odd Apes Gang)
  • Connecting both digital and physical art through rewards, collaborations and street art
  • Community events, rewards, virtual & physical interactions, raffles, and more
  • Holders reward system (Odd Apes Gang owners will vote to either stake in ๐Ÿ”ฅ Metabonding ๐Ÿ”ฅ and connect to other projects from Elrond community or create a MEX farm to reward holders.)
  • Strong and devoted team
  • Fair Distribution

4. Vision

At Odd Apes Gang, we have a simple vision: to offer our investors more than just cool artwork.
We have worked so hard on our collection, generating lots of apes and only keeping the best looking
ones to ensure that they will provide benefits beyond granting ownership to amazing art.
We want to create a brand that grows bigger and bigger in both digital and real world.
It would be a dream to travel the world and create an Odd Apes graffiti map by adding location after
Of course, we are open for suggestions from our community and we are going to build together along
the way in order to be one of the best projects on the market.
As such, every holder of the Odd Apes NFT will have the opportunity to submit suggestions in order to
give the project new directions

5. Official Roadmap 1.0 (activations)

The official roadmap activation of the Odd Apes Gang is divided into 10 phases. During each, our team will work hard to ensure the continuing success of our project. The sooner you APE IN, the more events you can attend. Roadmap 2.0 will come after the first one is fulfilled.

Roadmap 1.0

  • Phase 1 โ€“ 10% – We going to do a special graffiti for one of our holders. We will discuss the possibility of doing it in a place he picks. If the distance is too big, we will offer a few alternative locations and the winner will pick one.
  • Phase 2 โ€“ 20% – Raffle (5 Legendary apes that were held back from sale will be airdropped to 5 random Odd Apes Gang NFT holders.) + EGLD raffle.
  • Phase 3 โ€“ 30% – We will start building the second collection that will be minted for FREE by the Odd Apes Gang NFT holders. It will be an Evolved 3D Odd Apes Collection.
  • Phase 4 โ€“ 40 % – Raffle (5 Legendary apes + EGLD raffle)
  • Phase 5 โ€“ 50 % – Comics. We are thinking of designing short comics and airdrop them to holders. There will be few comics but with different rarities determined by the template and background.
  • Phase 6 โ€“ 60% – Raffle (EGLD)
  • Phase 7 โ€“ 70% – Merch featuring limited edition tees, hoodies and other goodies. Odd Apes collectibleย  toys wonโ€™t miss from the store. Odd Apes Gang holders will have exclusive lifetime -30% discounts at the shop.
  • Phase 8 โ€“ 80% โ€“ Raffle (EGLD)
  • Phase 9 โ€“ 90% – Odd Apes Gang Community farm is initiated.
  • Phase 10 โ€“ 100% โ€“ The club is closed now. Last EGLD + Legendary APES raffle

    A more detailed ROADMAP on our website.

6. Team

We are 3 friends staying up all night and exploring ways to combine art, graffiti, underground music and communitys in order to create a product that comprises all these passions of ours. We like to think about ourselves as ambitious about building a new type of digital experience on ELROND Blockchain.

Links to our IRL accounts on our website.
If you want to see more of GHOSTY (our artist) creation, please check his Instagram (@me.ghosty) and maybe throw a follow.

7. FAQ


Odd Apes Gang is a collection of 3335 PFP NFTs hand-drawn by our artist, Ghosty. Apes are randomly generated and constructed from over 150 different accessories. Each Odd Ape is unique and it can be minted as an NFT on the ELROND blockchain. Of course, all Odd Apes are dope, but some are rarer than others.

0.5 $EGLD for OG APES during PRE SALE
0.8 $EGLD for everyone during PUBLIC SALE


We’re giving away new whitelist spots everyday by looking at our twitter interactions, discord messages, and we also organize giveaways.

Inviting friends in discord + being active in chat might get you closer to the OG APES role! There are no specific numbers in here because we know that not everybody has a specific number of friends to invite. We value interactions in TWITTER and chat.

Feel free to create memes or fan-arts. Any kind of implication helps.

If I have to rank them, chat matters most, then fan arts and memes, then Twitter interactions (those who does not have the same name in Twitter and Discord might put their Twitter tag in discord description). However, we also DM active people from Twitter to make sure they have the OG role. There are already members that might confirm it). I would let invites last because of the reason mentioned above.

Of course, if someone is inviting lots of friends and is not that active in chat from various personal reasons, he will still be considered for a WL slot. Those requirements complement each other.

8. Tokenomics

3335 Odd Apes Gang NFTs

15 LEGENDARY NFTs -> LEGENDARY APES are held back from sale in a wallet and will be airdropped to random Odd Apes Gang NFT holders once the ROADMAP ACTIVATIONS are fulfilled.

120 NFTs will be distributed in promotional giveaways and in future events. (35 have already WON in various Twitter Giveaways that we have organized so far)

3200 NFTs for sale
Max 2000 to be sold in Pre-Sales
1200 to be sold during Public Sale

9. Mint sales EGLD distribution:

  • 15% of initial sale will be raffled off in the holders giveaways presented on our Roadmap
  • The Community farm or Metabonding stake will receive 40% of the initial sale. We can invest 40% in one or 40% in the other, or we can split it and invest 20% in each. (depending on community vote).
  • 5% of initial sale will be used to create an Odd Apes community NFT wallet (We plan to buy Web3 land so our Odd Apes have a digital jungle to live in. We will also buy and hold NFTs from other Elrond projects that we believe in)
  • The team will use the remaining 40% of the initial sale to meet the promised roadmap objectives

10. Royalties

There will be 10% royalties for the Odd Apes Gang NFT.

  • Each month we will deposit 60% of the royalties from the secondary sales into the Community farm / Metabonding stake.
  • We will redistribute 20% to a charity organization picked with the community or the second option is to redistribute it into the Odd Apes community NFT wallet. I like the idea of doing it in alternate months.
  • We will listen to the community and spend the funds in the NFT wallet in accordance with the wishes of the holders.
  • The remaining 20% of royalties will be used to pay for promotions, collaborations, and the discord team.

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ’ #APESTOGETHERSTRONG